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2.5 mm RED CABLE

2.5 mm replacement cable compatible with Vropes Fire 2.0 and Vropes Earth. Stainless steel braided core and flexible PVC red coating.

This cable is designed for beginners in double unders. The average lifetime of this cable is 2 months.*. With a 2.5 mm diameter and a total length of 3.5m, this cable is heavier and more flexible than others It will help you feel every rotation so you can start with your double unders.

*The cables have no warranty due to the constant abrasion with the floor.

The 2.5mm cable is more flexible and heavier than the other cables. You will feel the rotation of the cable even more and you will be able to control your double unders. Though is a slower cable, in the beginning what it's most important is to achieve good technique.

Furthermore, you can use this cable with the Vrope Earth so you can then transition to the Vrope Fire 2.0

TJ García - Professional athlete