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Improve your stamina and increase your strength.
These weights allow you to customize the overall weight of your Vropes Fire 2.0.
Find the perfect balance for your jumps.

These weights are the perfect accessory to the Vropes Fire 2.0. The rope brings a screw thread on its handle base so you can add different weights, from 25 grs up to 200 grs.

You will feel the difference!

Unscrew the handle base

Remove the Vropes Fire 2.0 plug and place it somewhere safe.

Set up your weights however you want them

Assemble the weights choosing the ones you need. The base weights 25grs and you can add additional 25gr and 75 gr weights.

Insert the weights in the rope

Finally introduce the weights in each handle. Try different combinations until you feel comfortable jumping.

Velites' weights are the perfect addition to the Vropes Fire 2.0

Thanks to these weights, you will be able to feel the handles even more while you work on your strength and stamina. I felt the difference and the improvement is just amazing.

Mitchell Adams - Professional Athlete