The Vropes Earth is designed for beginners in the jump rope for fitness purposes and for professionals who use it for resistance training with a more intensive muscle work, like boxers and martial arts practitioners. The weight of the 4 mm (0.16 in)-diameter cable makes each turn to be perceived at the muscle level, helping to improve the technique. The aluminum handle is 12.5 cm (4.92 in) in length, providing a great lightness to the rope and a proper position, very close to the waist.

The Vropes Fire is more suited for active competing athletes and advanced users who aim to streamline their energy and to facilitate the completion of the exercise. The 2.5 mm (0.1 in)-diameter cable is designed to overcome the air friction while maintaining the required inertia for turns to happen without a great effort on the part of the user. Since the cable is thinner, perception is reduced at the muscular level, so the jumper must already have developed his/her technique. The handle is 16 cm (6.3 in) in length, so it requires a lower muscular effort to transmit the rotational inertia.

If you run a box or gym, the Vropes Earth is the recommended jump rope for your customers to learn double jumps. The cable thickness and coating facilitates the maintenance of the jump rope and increases its life. The Vropes Fire is more suitable for personal use and care of each athlete.

The weight of the jump rope may vary slightly, since the cable weight depends on their exact length. The handles of the Vropes Fire are around 48 gr (0.11 lb) in weight each, and the cable is 45 gr (0.1 lb) in weight and 3.40 m (11.15 ft) in length.

Each of the Earth's handles is around 40 - 45 gr (0.09-0.1) in weight, and the cable weights 90 gr (0.2 lb).

We offer the possibility to customize each handle with your own personal or company logos or images. The most common is to include our brand logo on one of the handles and to customize the other handle according to your request, but there are also common customizations including, for example, the logo of a box on a handle and an individual image on the other.

It depends on the destination and whether or not you require customization.

If customization is not required and the order is sent to the continental land of the country, you will receive your order within two working days. If the order has to be delivered to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands or to international destinations, the delivery time is usually around 7 working days since the receipt of the order.

Should your order require customization, please add 4 working days to the above delivery times. If you need your order more urgently, please contact us.

No one is free from error. In spite of our quality controls and of our big efforts to satisfy our customers, in some cases we may not reach our goal. The most common problems are the loss of some element of the jump rope, such as the cable clamping screw, or the breakage of the cable, an improper length of the cable cutting, the loss of end caps or other issues. Cables are not covered by the guarantee due to their normal wear and tear or if used in inadequate conditions (too abrasive soils, etc.). However, our quality commitment leads us to review each case individually.

Each one of the jump rope components can be delivered separately.

Due to the possibility of product customization and the risk of waiver on the part of the client, we have not incorporated this payment method as a standard. However, should you have a problem with the rest of payment methods or if you just don't like to pay a product in advance, please contact us and we will study your case personally.

Please enter this link and feel free to contact us. We offer discounts by volume, deferred payment procedures, stands to place on your premises and very favorable conditions in order to ensure your customers' satisfaction.

Velites Fitness, Inc. products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the original retail purchase of the product. The Warranty will NOT cover: Wear of the jump rope cable. Wear includes, but is not limited to fraying, fragmentation, and fracture.